My first week at work

Maybe you are wondering why I am writing this article in English? The main idea is to practice my English skills and also to improve the way I express myself.

What can I tell you about my first work week is that it was a very pleasant and also a hard experience.

I had to learn all types of new things and to handle all types of situations that I was not used with.

My first day at work was very interesting. I went with my team in a delegation in: Campulung, Rucar and also to Pitesti in one of our national projects. There I met all types of people and I had the opportunity to visit for a short time the cities and the localities. We arrived back at Bucharest after 12 hours of traveling.

The second and the third day I have to make a couple of phone calls in order to complete some documents. That activity was also very interesting and challenging.

The next three days I had to check some documents in order to see if they are signed or if they have any mistakes.

Because it was the last week of the year that we had work sometimes I was a little bit stress.

The best thing is that I have a great team and a leader which I admire.

I am happy at my new work place because I feel that I am growing and I have all types of challenges!

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