Why do I recommend you to established objectives every: year, month, day ?



Image source: studentsuccess.unc.edu

First of all I want to thank you that you are reading this article.

Maybe you already know what am I going to tell you, maybe not.

When you establish an objective something automatic from your brain takes the control of you actions and lead you to establish it. That is what happens when you really want something.

Your brain is exactly  like a GSP. When you enter the coordinates it gives you a map which helps you are going to follow in order to get to your destination.

It you want to go somewhere you did not go yet and you don’t have a map, is practically impossible to get there.

Am I write?

If you want to be happy and to develop yourself you are going to need:

1. Year objectives

2. Month objectives

3. Day objectives

All of those three categories must work together. Your every day objectives must help you to establish your month objectives, your month objectives must help you establish your year objectives.

The objectives must be SMART. That mean you can: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and time-bound.

I really hope this article is going to help you improve your life!

Good luck!

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