Today we talk about why is important for your career to develope yourself!

I think this is a very interesting subject because some times we are not feeling so good with what we are doing in own proffesional life. So if you are not happy with what you are doing at work you should find a way to improve you life.

The first step is to try to do something outside of your work place.

Try do meet new people, try to go to make new connection, try to talk with: your ex-collegues,old friend maybe they can give you some ideas.

If you are doing every day the same things you can be easy bored and demotivated.

If you want to change your work place I can give you some advices:



Image source:

1. Try to make a list with persons that you met in your career and try to get in touch with them

2. Go to networking meeting there you can meet people that you don’t know and they can help you, give you some advice or they can recommend you to other persons that they know.

3. Try to improve you foreign language skills so you can be more competitive and can easy find new opportunitys

4. Create your own linkedin account because there you can meet and talk to new people that can help you change your work place

5. Try to be better and better in what you do

6. Talk to you old school teachers or your ex-hires maybe they can recommend you

Try to change the way you think about yourself, about your life, about the world and you are going to have nice surprises.

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